Not only athletes but everyone can benefit and improve performance by training with the CORE X SYSTEM!

The CORE X SYSTEM evolved out of a system of exercises designed to treat complex pelvic groin, hip, and lumbar-spine conditions. As a result of utilizing this system, patients reported an overall general improvement of strength, power, agility, and coordination and balance, therefore improving their ability to perform their basic activities of daily living (ADL’s) as well as excelling in sports activities.

The CORE X SYSTEM is an eclectic approach to exercise based on the work of many top researchers around the world. What started as a crude system of elastics applied in a complex pattern has evolved into a high quality and user-friendly apparatus coupled with a method of exercise.

The CORE X SYSTEM is safe and effective for all levels of fitness. The device and workouts may be adjusted and modified in order to serve each individual’s intensity level, from fitness enthusiast to elite athlete.

The goal of the system, or “The End Stage” is to exceed the specific demands of the sport or goals of the client, and create a training effect that results in improved physical performance no matter what foundational base the individual is starting from.

The CORE X SYSTEM is designed primarily to teach the “Proximal to Distal” firing pattern of recruitment, balance, and efficiency of movement to trainees, students and athletes predominantly using the anaerobic energy system.

Utilized as a training tool to encourage the recruitment pattern of the core as a component of an all-inclusive general fitness or sport-specific training program, the CORE X SYSTEM is designed to be used alongside other traditional training skills as opposed to the exclusive sole training tool.

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